Suit for Aquaaerobika project

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This is the most popular costume. I use it and work it most of the time. The black-and-white version of the body proved to be the most popular, effective, and convenient to work with. And the curly pink wig that I came up with in 2018 has become my canonical image. Performance for me is a rebirth into a sculpture. Putting on a latex suit, I forget about myself for a while and become a piece of art myself. When I put on a suit, I turn into a living sculpture. This is also why most of my costumes have masks, I strive to forget about the human part of me and completely reborn into a new character, becoming an object of art. All my costumes are therefore more like animated sculptures. In my character, you can recognize Betty Boop, Babarella, and characters from the comics. I strive to create a universal super-feminine image and play with women's insights of different eras and styles, mixing them and creating something new. I am also attracted to the play of 2D and 3D, and this can be seen in my costumes and decor.

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