Tarot Series- #3 The Moon

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Mochic is introducing a series of collectible, wearable and most likely the first ever tarot inspired fashion NFT collection. In this Tarot Series 1st wave, It contains 5 uniquely designed Tarot card animations. Each tarot card is inspired by its unusual roles: The Moon (XVIII) is the eighteenth Major Arcana card. Meaning of the card is that everything is not as it seems. The Moon says that something about a situation or person in your life is not what it appears to be and you need to trust your instincts to see past the illusion. You should also pay attention to the dreams because your subconscious might bring your attention to some information you have missed. The Moon look consists of a full length, flared, fitted jumpsuit featuring a 70’s style moon print with the Mochic logo and an ecru faux fur bolero jacket. The quarter moon head piece is hand sculpted in VR with metallic gold finish.



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