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Legendary Fire Fox REKKA

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This fantasy digital fashion inspired by kyūbi no kitsune (九尾の狐) or nine-tailed fox from Japanese folklore. The nine-tailed fox are said to be some of the most powerful creatures in all Japanese mythology. Foxes are known to be able to manipulate flames known as “fox fire”, possess humans and sometimes inanimate objects, and of course shapeshifting. They have a particularly hard time hiding their ears and tails while in a human form. For every hundred years that a fox keeps living, it grows a tail and with it more power. A fox will continue this process until it reaches one thousand years of age and gains its ninth tail. Legendary Fire Fox Rekka was designed by Schieva, professional cosplay designer in Indonesia. Her artwork showcases fantasy themes and superhero. In each of her works, she has the goal of changing people "From Zero To Hero".



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