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Bi-Moon Love

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Bi-Moon Love explores the magical tale of love and longing of the two moons of Mars. Phobos and Deimos are two moons of Mars. Very rare are the moments they revolve around Mars at different intervals and rarely come close to one another. They are characterized as two celestial beings who desire to meet at last after waiting for thousands of years. As these Moons meet there is an energy of romance, power, passion, and devotion. Phobos is strong and hard inside out, she has been in the toughest of the all-time. This mars moon is hit by the hardest of the Martian dust and other harsh weather of Mars. With the dramatic cape sleeve and sweetheart neckline jumpsuit, the graceful fighter in her is brought out. The Choker in her neck reflects the superiority of her as a moon celestial. Deimos is soft and gentle. People and places brighten up at his presence. With minimal details and soft textures, the jumpsuit on Deimos explains the calm and gentle nature of this moon. His head accessory reflects the Celestial gear that makes him the most tranquil being on Mars.

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