Peace Robe

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#digitalfashion artwork by OnClick Closet We at OnClickCloset strongly stand against any violence in the world putting the lives of people in a conflict of war and separation. The cloak here is a garment for anybody (irrespective of your racial, sexual, and gender identity) to stand in support of Ukraine. The feather texture resembles the peace for which one stands for in the Colours of the country’s flag - blue and yellow. The cloak is here to show our love and compassion to one another as human beings and a protective layer. This digital garment is made for the sole purpose of donations to help our fellow humans in Ukraine. We are worried for our friends, our fellow 3D designers in Ukraine, and for all Ukrainians. And we stand with them. No place on this earth should be a place of war and conflict. All funds will be transferred to recognised international charity organisations (UNICEF, UNHCR, etc) to support children and refugees during the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine.

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