Metacaryotes: Ophiodea

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Metacaryotes: Ophiodea Metacaryotes is a collection of three digital fashion wearables. The main idea is based on the research of illustration from the Ernst Haeckel book “Art Forms in Nature”. This book was a reflection of Haeckel’s sense of the world: he chose the life forms in a special way in order to show the perfection of their organization. The collection Metacaryotes demonstrates the reinterpretation and rebirth of these bioforms in the metaverse. Ophiodea is the second costume in the collection. This amazing organism belongs to the Ophiuroidea class, closely related to brittle stars. This is a kind of marine animal that lives on the seabed. The body of Ophiodea has bilateral symmetry. It also has a heavy skeleton consisting of calcareous plates. Ophiodea is very important for the biotic deserts of the deep seas. This suit is a kind of bio-armor that exists in the digital world. This collection was created in order to encourage people to pay more attention to such a unique and fragile world of living organisms.



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