Metacaryotes: Staurom

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Metacaryotes: Staurom Metacaryotes is a collection of three digital fashion wearables. The main idea is based on the research of illustration from the Ernst Haeckel book “Art Forms in Nature”. This book was a reflection of Haeckel’s sense of the world: he chose the life forms in a special way in order to show the perfection of their organization. The collection Metacaryotes demonstrates the reinterpretation and rebirth of these bioforms in the metaverse. Staurom is the third work in the collection. It refers to stauromedusae, the amazing creature which is also known as the stalked jellyfishes. This marine animal is unique among medusa jellyfish. Stauromedusae body has a goblet-shaped body with four-beam symmetry, the axis of which passes between the mouth opening and the sole. It also has eight lobes (paws, or hands) topped with bundles of capitate tentacles. Stauromedusae lead a sedentary lifestyle, attaching themselves to solid underwater objects with the sole of their foot. This Staurom costume carries a message of calmness and moderation of life, so necessary in the modern world with a hyper-fast pace of life. This collection was created in order to encourage people to pay more attention to such a unique and fragile world of living organisms.



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