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Through using the colors of Ukraine’s national flag in this design, we express our support for the people of Ukraine. The number on each piece marks the number of days of the war. Through this piece, we say that we see what is happening; that we do not close our eyes to this harsh reality; and that we are ready and committed to extending our support and our help to bring this war to an end. It is our hope that the rest of the people will open their eyes and recognize this reality as well. The purchase of this piece is an act of vital support to this cause, as the proceeds from each sale will be sent to provide desperately needed support to aid groups providing relief efforts to address this atrocity. We must do everything possible to stop the bloodshed and suffering in Ukraine. It is our duty to help those in need . We urge everyone to join us in this initiative and to lend your help, your support, and your voice to this cause in any way possible. Thank you.

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