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"I created this Digital Couture piece with questions in mind - Who am I? I have encountered so many labels in my life. People have always questioned my identity, my sexuality and my gender. I referenced back to the 70s Glam Rock style, re-defining what menswear can look like. Fashion is genderless, fashion is about self-expression. I’m tired of being limited to a box of how a man is supposed to act, dress and speak. This Digital Couture genderless look is a fusion of traditional Chinese silhouette with extravagant modern twist. At a golden age of fashion inclusivity, we are able to explore or invent new forms of identity through fashion with relative freedom. Focusing on the details, the golden embodied dragon prints symbolise traditional masculinities and power, contrasting with new modern masculinities, the length of the dress and extravagant, flamboyant ruffles. (The Animation has two parts: Storytelling + Animation)"




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