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< Strengths > hurlin’ mud, diggin’ ya grave, screaming profanities + signature move: butterfly flutter-byebye < Weaknesses > march flies, parking tickets, sexual frustration CHARACTER DESCRIPTION Cooee! is an Australian, bushwhackin’ goddess with a fetish for mother nature. She is part of the ecosexual revolution, fighting crimes against nature with acts against human (civilized) nature. She loves to get really… really dirty. ABOUT THE DESIGNER SHAYLI HARRISON is the Australian designer meets founder of digital fashion unitive MUTANI. Characterized by her own radical aesthetic, her designs feature voluminous swathes of color and texture, creating vibrant fantasies that bridge avant-garde fashion and game environments. After completing an impressive portfolio of IRL fashion at the Antwerp Academy, she worked for iconic household name Manish Arora and did creative direction on collaborative digital projects throughout. She is now oriented towards the fascinating universe of digital fashion ANTWERP CYBER-SIX Inspired as a software update for the iconic Antwerp Six, the Antwerp Cyber-Six is a project spearheaded by Antwerp-based digital fashion network MUTANI in collaboration with six Antwerp Fashion Department alumni and ior50 Studio. Conceived to inspire new in-game identities, each of the cyber-six characters are yours to collect. With proceeds going to support the continued creative practice for each designer and the onboarding of new, high-creative design talents into the digital world. THIS EXCLUSIVE 1/1 NFT INCLUDES: ✦ High quality look-book turning animation ✦ High quality detail renders ✦ Signed original design sketch ✦ Designer inspiration collage ✦ Cinematic animated trailer



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